Davina McCall of The Masked Singer takes a’savage’ dig at Wayne Rooney on the show.


Davina McCall of The Masked Singer takes a’savage’ jab at Wayne Rooney.

As she tried to figure out who was on the ITV show, Davina McCall of The Masked Singer made no attempt to hold back as she savagely swiped at Wayne Rooney, saying the footballer isn’t very funny.

On The Masked Singer, Davina McCall wasn’t afraid to share her raw thoughts as she tried to figure out who Doughnuts’ hidden identity was.

On Saturday night, Davina left viewers giggling in front of their televisions as the judges attempted to name the person behind the mask.

Viewers were already laughing as Doughnuts appeared on screen after another successful stint on the show, singing Spice Girls’ Spice Up Your Life.

Viewers were in fits of laughter, and as theories began to circulate, Jonathan Ross speculated that it could be Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney.

“I don’t think Wayne Rooney is that funny,” Davina chirped, before adding, “We’re savage tonight.”

Fans couldn’t stop laughing at her savage remark on Twitter, with one user writing, “I don’t think Wayne Rooney is that funny,” alongside a sea of laughing emojis, “I don’t think Wayne Rooney is that funny.”

“Wayne Rooney, lol,” said another.

On Saturday night, Gary Linekar, Michael Owen, and H from Steps were all strong contenders for Doughnuts.

There were several references to sports in Doughnut’s clues, with the celebrity describing themselves as “extra speedy” and claiming they could “run ice rings” around the competition.

“Being one of the best has always been one of my goals,” they continued, adding, “As well as being sweet, I’ve also been savoury.”

Doughnuts also mentioned being a jockey, which left fans perplexed.

While the football clues could point to Wayne Rooney, most fans appear to agree with Davina and have ruled him out in favor of Michael Owen.

While the football and sports references point to Michael, it is the jockey comment that has fans convinced.

He owns his own horses and has previously stated that football and horse racing are his “third loves” after his family, so it’s definitely debatable…

Doughnuts’ identity will be revealed solely based on their performance in the competition; the more they impress the judges, the longer fans will wait.

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