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David Beckham’s secret to good looks revealed as wife Victoria’s makeup

THE secret behind David Beckham’s good looks has finally been revealed by his wife ­Victoria — the footie style icon uses her make-up.

The former Spice Girls singer let slip that she tests her cosmetics on Becks, and teased he is the perfect person to showcase her range.

Victoria explained during an Instagram Live session: “He’s my best model.

I’ve just seen a message from David that he’s run out of serum. David loves this. I’ll bring him some.”

It’s a good job he gets freebies — Vic’s cell rejuvenating power serum costs £180 per bottle.

Sarah Creal, Posh Spice’s business partner at Victoria Beckham Beauty, told how the former England captain “loves” using a bronzing product too.

Asked what he thinks of Vic’s merchandise, Sarah added: “David is a big fan of VBB. Victoria said he’s obsessed.”

It’s not the first time that Golden- balls has explored his feminine side.

He wore a sarong in 1998 — and last year he wore teal eye shadow during a photoshoot for Love magazine.

Becks has also admitted in the past to using his wife’s lip balms, moisturisers and other beauty products to care for his skin — but now it has emerged that he uses her make-up too.

He said in 2018: “My approach to grooming was always to steal my wife’s products. That was kind of it, really.

“I’d always been aware of how I wanted my hair to look, stuff like that, but I was also in a career where I was always outside.

“Whether I was living in Manchester, living in Madrid, LA — all these different places with different weather.

“I had to take care of my skin because of that.

“The way I looked after it was to steal my wife’s stuff because I know she has the best.”

Clearly a bit of lippy, some concealer and mascara is doing wonders, too.

We truly are living in strange times – and nothing demonstrates that more than Jedward and the bloke from The Corrs arguing about a deadly virus – using song puns.

The tuneless twins hit out at Breathless hitmaker Jim Corr after he promoted a conspiracy theory that Covid was created by a top American doctor.

Jedward tweeted him: “G’wan leave the whole country ‘breathless’ from Covid because of your idiotic behaviour.”

Jim replied: “Shut up you fools and grow a brain between you.”

But the siblings hit back: “Why don’t you just go and ‘Runaway’ and FYI your sisters never needed you – please leave the band.”

Jim responded: “Ireland’s Millie Vanillie [sic] have spoken and I shall hand in my notice” – and shared a link to the Corrs’ song I Never Loved You Anyway.

Jim urged Jedward to watch a debunked documentary on coronavirus, warning them: “Don’t get overwhelmed as they use some big words.”

But the X Factor duo told him: “You’re a waste of our time, We’re getting bored.

“May as well be talking to a brick wall. Go to bed Jim.”

Which Irish music acts will go head to head next? Tesco Mary vs Boyzone on social distancing?

Dancer AJ Pritchard proves he has the right moves even when he’s not on the dance floor.

The former Strictly star sported a pair of colourful swim shorts while showing off his paddleboarding skills.

AJ is currently soaking up the sun in Turkey with his ­girlfriend Abbie Quinnen and his brother Curtis.

He is expected to head to Wales later this year to appear on I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here.

Better make the most of the good weather while you can.

Every street is a catwalk for Kylie Jenner. The reality star posed like she was about to strut down a runway before heading out for dinner.

I can’t imagine it was the most practical get-up for eating out though, given it’s white and left her tummy completely exposed.

She modelled the look to her 191million Instagram followers before heading out to ­Hollywood restaurant Delilah on Saturday.

She was then snapped again in the knitted bra and joggers as she left, before hopping into her £1.1m Ferrari – a gift from rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

Kylie clearly enjoys life in the fast lane. 

Olly Murs has ­certainly got the gift of the gab and he reckons it would have made him a Love Island winner if he hadn’t found fame on The X Factor.

The Troublemaker singer said he would have loved to have gone on the ITV2 dating show and is convinced he’d have “cleaned up” as a contestant.

Speaking on Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To podcast, Olly said: “Of course I would have loved to go on Love Island.

“If I had never got famous I would have given Love Island a go, 100 per cent.

“Me and my mates always talk about . . . ‘We would have done this, we would have done that’. I love watching it.”

He added: “Me and my mate spent weeks watching Love Island and me and Amelia [Tank] had just started seeing each other.

“We watched Love Island every night. If we were in Love Island we would have cleaned up, I would have won this.”

He’s now loved up with Amelia, but I’m sure ITV2 would be thrilled to have him if the couple ever split up.

A painting of rock royalty the Rolling Stones will forever sit alongside portraits of lords and ladies at a former residence of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Rocker Ronnie Wood has permanently donated a £20,000 artwork, inspired by the band’s legendary photoshoot for their 1968 album Beggars Banquet, to Ashridge House, which is adorned with portraits of historic figures dating back to the 16th Century.

The painting is one of 100 ­artworks created by Ronnie for an exhibit at the stately home in Hertfordshire, which runs until Thursday and the display will benefit the NHS.

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