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Data Protection Police Save us From the Horrors of Facebook Dating

Irish data protection regulators have forced Facebook to postpone the launch of its Facebook Dating tool across the EU, meaning we’ll have to make it through another Valentine’s Day only being able to send worrying messages to people we’ve silently stalked for 13 years and since before they had kids through the usual communications channels.

The Irish Data Protection Commission said it was not given enough/any detail about the methods Facebook plans to use to ringfence data and photos and sub-brands to avoid the many potentially nightmarish scenarios its legitimisation of social sex-pesting may unleash within its Dating offering, with the DPC saying Facebook blanked the required Data Protection Impact Assessment and only gave the regulator 10 days between announcement and planned launch – today – to investigate.

Hence the whole thing’s off, across all of Europe, and the DPC paid a visit to the Facebook Ireland office to gather information by itself, seeing as the network wasn’t being particularly transparent. [Independent via TechCrunch]

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