Data from the Covid project in Europe has been visualized, revealing where the majority of cases and deaths are occurring.


Map of Europe’s Covid data: Figures show where the most cases and deaths occur.

OMICRON is currently raging in Europe, with several countries reporting daily Covid case rates in the six-figure range for weeks.

New data has revealed which ones are having the most difficulty.

Many countries provided fertile ground for infection by operating on pared-back restrictions while Delta faded into the background, making Europe a frontline for Omicron cases. The first few cases landed on the continent just days after South African scientists reported the variant on GISAID.

New data shows that, despite the fact that most were unprepared for the new variant, several have struggled to control Omicron.

Covid infections in Europe have more than tripled over the last two months, according to Reuters.

The continent’s seven-day average as of January 7 was 972,049.

Prior to that, Europe’s highest aggregated peak was 320,096.

The organization’s graphs show that the current average has neither dropped nor leveled.

According to the data, several countries bear the brunt of the recent rise.

Each has a seven-day case rate in the six-figure range that is steadily increasing.

With an average seven-day rate of 231,995, France is currently reporting the most cases in Europe.

With 176,317 cases, the United Kingdom is second, followed by Italy with 144,895.

Covid cases are still on the rise in these countries, and they’ve risen since the last daily averages were reported.

They also have by far the greatest number of cases on the continent, as one of only three with rates in the six-figure range.

Italy’s infection rate is more than double that of Spain, which has 62,240 people infected.

Germany is in fifth place with 45,565, or nearly 20,000 fewer cases.

In Europe, the data paints a very different picture.

Russia has the most Covid-related fatalities, with a daily case rate of 16,735 as of January 10.

There are 793 in the country, which has kept much of its data hidden.

With 209 deaths, Poland is second, followed by Germany with 259.

Despite having the most cases in Europe, France has the fourth highest death rate, with 214 deaths.

Italy has the fifth highest seven-day average on the continent, at 195.

Despite being alarming for Russia, the death rate is currently declining.

France, unfortunately, is the only country in the top five that is currently experiencing an increase in deaths.v


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