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Dash Delivers: Get your pharmacy and supermarket supplies DELIVERED

As supermarkets across the country continue to struggle to keep up with demands amid the coronavirus pandemic, a new delivery service is making shopping easier.

Dash Delivers is picking up groceries, household products and food and delivering it straight to shoppers’ homes.

Customers select their items and confirm their order using the app and have all their supplies delivered in just 60 minutes or less.

The app has been gradually launching throughout Australia since January; to find out whether it is available in your area just type your address into the app and it will advise you.  

The delivery service collects supplies from pharmacies, convenience stores and major supermarkets including Coles and Woolworths.

Once the order is finalised and a packing fee is paid, users will be notified of the delivery time.

‘It completes the loop of ordering a ride home, ordering dinner and ordering popular store items to continue your day,’ the website says.

Harris Farm Markets have also launched the Harris Farm Express, which is a service that delivers a box of groceries and essentials to Australians’ homes.

Individuals can order a box online but they won’t be able to choose the items in the box as they change daily depending on availability and seasonality.

Each box costs $250 and contains a selection of fruit, veggies, protein and staples for 15 meals, and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days.

The box can be ordered via the Harris Farm Markets’ website and is usually delivered overnight.

This comes as coronavirus panic has seen a surge in the number of online grocery orders with both Coles and Woolworths. 

The largest delays were faced by some northern Sydney areas that could be waiting up to eight days to receive their Coles order.  

Online shoppers at Woolworths also experienced similar delays with delivery times varying from four days wait to no availability at all.

Coronavirus fears have also sparked shortages in particular items including toilet paper, rice and hand sanitiser as shoppers hastily stock up on essentials.

One mother recently shared a budget-friendly shopping plan she uses for her family of four and said her system gets her everything she needs for $50 to $150 a week, as shelves are stripped bare.

‘I’m a brilliant stockpiler and money manager and my system means my weekly groceries (getting literally what I want when I want) is $15 a week,’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘And if I was struggling and couldn’t afford much I could literally get away with a $50 shop a week. So I thought I’d share my system here in case it helps some of you out,’ she explained.

Firstly she said you work out what you want to buy and check the specials and when something is 20 to 50 per cent off you buy enough of that item for 4-6 weeks as well as your normal groceries.

She said each week she purchases one to three of the items on her list in bulk when they go on special.

‘If nothing is on special you buy an extra 1-2 of things that are never on special (such as homebrand stuff) as your back up, and save the rest of your budget for next week when something new is on sale.’

She also said she has a “two” system, meaning there are always two of everything in her cupboard so when one is being used, the other is back up.

The Australian mother said this is a perfect way to save when you can’t afford to buy something one week as you’ll already have an extra at home.  

‘Basically what this means is you never buy expensive stuff at full price again,’ she wrote.

‘If one week you have a [bad] money week you just stop with the stockpile for that week, and you don’t need to buy much because you have your two system – all you need is the basics (bread/milk) and fruit/veg/meat,’ she wrote.

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