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Daredevil scales 178metre Auckland skyscraper to dangle off the edge

A group of daredevils have scaled a 178metre-tall skyscraper to dangle off the scaffolding one-handed.   

One risk-taking New Zealander uploaded footage of himself and two friends climbing the unfinished The Pacifica building, in Auckland CBD, in May. 

The video was shared to Instagram with the cheeky caption: ‘On today’s episode of increasing risky behaviour.’ 

The man described climbing the 54-floor tower as ‘easily one of the best experiences of my life’.

He was pictured smiling and dangling one-handed from construction scaffolding while 178 metres above the city lights of Auckland.   

A video also showed his friends dangerously balancing along the top of the building and taking turns hanging off the scaffolding.    

‘I wish I could describe the complexity and process of becoming fearless. 

‘Danger might be real but fear is a choice, all of the fears we don’t face quickly become our limits,’ he wrote. 

The Pacifica, set to open later this year, is New Zealand’s tallest apartment tower and the second second tallest building in Auckland after the iconic Metropolis tower. 

The daredevil shared another video of the beginning of their climb and warned viewers not to watch ‘if you have anxiety’.     

He could be seen jumping a fence to gain access to the base of the building before running up a long staircase. 

The men walked all the way up to floor 53 before climbing over a railing and going up scaffolding in the centre of the building. 

They continued up the yellow scaffolding and emerged on the roof to see a vast view of nighttime Auckland.  

Commenters were quick to voice their dislike for the dangerous height.

‘Nope, nope, nope,’ one viewer wrote. 

‘Love you bro so don’t you dare let go,’ another said.  

New Zealand Police told Daily Mail Australia they had not been contacted about the incident.   

‘We have checked with area staff who are not aware of receiving any reports.

‘Police warn that anyone carrying out this activity is not only putting their own lives and others at risk but also risk getting arrested,’ a spokesperson said. 

Daily Mail Australia have reached out to The Pacifica for comment.   

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