Dan Wootton blasts the Civil Service for being “useless” and “viewing Loose Women” during the week while “partying” at the weekend.


Dan Wootton blasts the Civil Service for being “useless” and “viewing Loose Women” during the week while “partying” at the weekend.

During a discussion about the future of work, GB News’ Dan Wootton launched a blistering attack on the Civil Service, revealing that just 11% of Civil Servants are in the office.

The Tonight Live anchor described Civil Servants as “useless” and said they had no desire to return to work in a heated debate that erupted on GB News on Monday. Mr Wootton attacked the public sector, saying they haven’t “lost a dime” throughout the pandemic and are content to “sit on their bums watching Loose Women” and “going out with their buddies at the weekend.” His enraged remarks came as the GB News panel devolved into mayhem over the amount of Civil Servants working from home who were “not setting an example” for the rest of the UK.

“They just want to stay at home for good, don’t they?” Mr Wootton said.

“What the issue is here is that these Civil Servants are, on the whole, really lazy people!” he said.

“They have not lost a dime of their money during this pandemic!”

“Some of these Civil Servants are on six-figure incomes, they are also on London wages, which means they get extra money to travel into London, to go out for lunch, they are not doing any of that stuff!” screamed a furious Carole Malone.

“They’re sitting on their bottoms watching Loose Women!” Wootton added, passionately criticizing Ms Malone.

“And are more than happy to ride the train in on the weekends to hang out with their buddies.

“The difficulty is, these are the folks who must demonstrate to the rest of the country that things are returning to normal.”

He went on to say that “the government must confront the Civil Service!”

He went on to say that until they do, there will be a “serious issue” with “work culture in this country!”

Mr Wootton’s remarks come as Richard Tice, the leader of Reform UK, unleashed a blistering diatribe against Brits who use covid as a “convenient excuse” to continue working from home.

Mr Tice told LBC’s Andrew Castle on Monday: “I believe Covid is being used as a cover for many people.”

“Not in any way the majority, but I believe there are a lot of people who realize they are.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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