‘Cut VAT or step down!’ Boris said after an explosive Rayner brawl.


After an explosive Rayner brawl, Boris told’stop moving goal posts!’

ANGELA RAYNER’S cross-examination of Boris Johnson during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) has sparked outrage over his stance on VAT hikes.

Ms Rayner, who was filling in for Labour leader Keir Starmer after he tested positive for Covid, claimed that tax increases and rising energy costs are causing “disaster” for thousands of families.

The PM retaliated by claiming that VAT reductions are possible as a result of Brexit, which Rayner opposed.

Mr Johnson’s response, on the other hand, did not persuade readers of This website, who were outraged by the exchange.

“Just cancel the VAT, Boris,” Holly Chestnut advised.

“Stop scoring ‘yeah but you said’ points and do something useful for a change.”

“The removal of VAT on energy bills, as well as Boris doing something useful, is long overdue!”

“Boris, stop moving the goalpost and remove the VAT,” Pricey said.

“This isn’t a Tory policy; this Tory cabinet is a farce; either cut VAT or step down Boris and let someone run this country properly.”

“She campaigned to remain in the EU didn’t she?” Mr Johnson said to Ms Rayner during PMQs this week, before launching into a pantomime-style chorus of “oh yes she did!”

“They now have the audacity to come to the Commons and say they want to cut VAT for fuel,” he added.

“It is not about brushing your hair, it is about brushing up on your act,” Ms Rayner said, criticizing the PM’s haircut as well as his character.

Many Express readers were not impressed with Mr Johnson’s performance.

“We need to leave EU to cut VAT on energy bills,” Johnson said before Brexit, according to Eire.

“‘No, that’s not a good idea,’ we said after Brexit.

“Do you ever feel like you’ve been duped chaps?”

“Eton educated man with a degree made to look foolish by someone who dropped out at 16,” Fredregar said.

“He’s got a nerve,” Arcanhac continued, “but he’s not.”

Ms Rayner’s side of the benches, on the other hand, drew some criticism.

Her aggressive style was particularly praised by readers.

Rayner attempted to raise a point of order at the end of PMQs, claiming that the Prime Minister misled the House when he said he never said inflation would not rise.

The Speaker, however, dismissed her request for Sir Lindsay Hoyle to correct the record, stating that it was merely a point of clarification.

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