Curiosity, NASA’s Mars rover, has shared a “unique postcard” of the Red Planet’s beautiful scenery.


Curiosity, NASA’s Mars rover, has shared a “unique postcard” of the Red Planet’s beautiful scenery.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has sent a magnificent photo of Mars back to Earth, one day before its ten-year anniversary of launch. Coloring technology was utilized to represent exactly how it looks on Mars.

The Curiosity rover from NASA has revealed a “rare postcard” photo from Mars, depicting the Red Planet’s beautiful and sweeping environment.

Curiosity’s team decided to acquire the photograph when the robotic explorer travelled around the planet’s Mount Sharp in honor of the rover’s ten-year anniversary tomorrow (November 26).

“The mission crew was so captivated by the beauty of the terrain, they merged two versions of the black-and-white photographs from various times of the day and added colors to produce a remarkable postcard from the Red Planet,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement.

Blue, orange, and green hues were added to the jaw-dropping panorama around Gale Crater’s top using colouring technology.

Curiosity is NASA’s fourth Mars Exploration Rover, however it is no longer the most recent, as Perseverance, the fifth, landed on the Red Planet on February 18 this year.

The rovers Sojourner, Spirit, and Opportunity have all stopped working and are lying dormant somewhere on Mars’ stony surface.

Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012, after being launched on November 26, 2011.

Surprisingly, it’s still in fine shape after ten years.

Curiosity’s primary goal is to research Martian climate and geology, primarily looking for signs of microbial life at a specific spot in the Gale Crater. It was originally intended to be a two-year mission that was extended indefinitely.

Two years into its mission, the rover reached the base of Mount Sharp, a five-mile (8-kilometer) ascent, and discovered subsurface lakes and streams along the route.

It finally arrived at a new location in August of this year, chosen by NASA scientists for its mineral-rich rocks that could disclose information about the planet’s climate.

Curiosity has traveled a total of 16 miles (26 kilometers) in 10 years, ascending nearly 1,500 feet (460 meters) from its original landing site in Gale Crater.

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