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Cult beauty brand The Ordinary have released a new $9 product

Beauty brand The Ordinary has released a brand new product to the market which claims to target excess oil, brighten skin tone and shrink large pores. 

The company’s 100% Niacinamide Powder, which appeared online and in pharmacies across Australia on August 4, is $9.70 for a pot and is to be mixed in with your moisturisers and serums.

The primary ingredient Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is an active chemical that balances visible sebum – or oil – activity and supports the production of collagen in the skin.

It allows for a ‘DIY experience’ during your skincare regime, where the customer can decide what other products to mix it into to yield the best result.

‘The Ordinary’s 100% Niacinamide Powder can be mixed into any non-conflicting, water-based treatment, provided that the pH of the base is between 5.1 and 7.0,’ the website read.

And customers are in full support of the new offering.

‘First night using this and it is a dream! Mixes undetectably in my serum (Buffet and HA) and moisturiser. I’ll be adding this to my body cream for neck and chest to help combat sun damage. Love it,’ one woman said.

‘I mix this in with my Hyaluronic Acid + B5 and it’s great! Gives me the ability to personalise my routine and it’s so easy to use,’ said another. 

A third added: ‘I get a slight tingle, which I really like, and it leaves my skin with an instant glow. This is such a convenient way to incorporate Niacinamide into your routine for extra brightening and skin smoothing’. 

To use it, mix a quarter scoop of the spoon provided with a water-based treatment in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face in the morning and evening.

If you’re currently using a vitamin C treatment it’s recommended that you use the 100% Niacinamide Powder on a differing day because it might ‘compromise the integrity’ of your vitamin C product. 

A recent Cosmetify study of the sales and online searches for 216,650 products found that The Ordinary’s $13 Serum Foundation, which comes in a range of 21 shades and promises to coat skin with natural yet flawless coverage, was the third best beauty product on the market.

It fell just behind L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray ($7.97) and Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel ($2.92).  

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