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Cuff justice! Police officer is forced to call 999 for help getting out of his handcuffs

As a police sergeant, Scott Renwick knows a thing or two about putting on handcuffs.

So when asked to give a demonstration to some recruits, he had no trouble snapping a pair of them around his own wrists.

Unfortunately for him, taking the cuffs off again proved a little more tricky – and he had to call 999 colleagues to help.

To make things worse, they insisted he walk – fully cuffed – from the Northamptonshire force’s headquarters to be cut free at a fire station around half a mile away.

As news of his misfortune spread, even his boss joined in the good-natured ribbing.

‘I’d rather have chewed my arm off than call the fire service’, Chief Constable Nick Adderley wrote on Twitter. 

Sergeant Renwick said he did not mind his misfortune if it ‘put a smile on a single face’.

Mr Renwick tweeted after the incident, saying: ‘This could well make my career.’

In a separate tweet, the officer said: ‘Well that wasn’t a good start to the day.

‘Thanks to Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service for cutting me out of some broken cuffs.

‘#NotFunny. I would have laughed too!!’

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