Cruel mother shaved her head in a sick cancer deception that fooled even her husband.


Cruel mother shaved her head in a sick cancer deception that fooled even her husband.

In a “really nasty” ruse to steal a free trip to Disneyland, a SHAMELESS mother lied she was facing terminal cancer.

Stephanie Hunter, 32, even persuaded her husband Jamie Wilkinson that she only had 18 months left to live. She shaved her head, wore a scarf, and made up heartbreaking updates about her illness, such as the fact that it had spread to her brain.

Hunter’s deceptive mother misled her employers at work, and worried coworkers organized large fundraising drives to send Hunter on a VIP “final vacation” to Disneyland Paris with her three children, according to the court.

Prize draws were held, with presents supplied by local businesses, and a total of £10,446 was raised thanks to a lot of hard work.

Hunter never worked a complete week at the telesales firm from January to September 2017, and later that year, he took a luxury trip to Paris. To make the voyage simpler, she was given first-class rail travel, a Eurostar journey, and a five-star hotel with full board, an improved restaurant pass, and other hotel stays.

According to Hull Live, the mother sobbed as she was sentenced to 15 months in prison yesterday.

Judge John Thackray QC, who sentenced her at Hull Crown Court, said: “People’s generosity and charitable nature has been thoroughly misused.” It makes it more difficult for people to make genuine philanthropic contributions in the future.

“Your deception and behavior were simply terrible. Offending like this erodes public trust and discourages people from donating to charities.

“You will surely have destroyed the trust of those you defrauded and those who will be aware of this case in the future, to the harm of genuine cancer victims.”

Your deception and behavior were very terrible… People’s generosity and charity have been completely misused.

Judge John Thackray QC is a barrister.

Hunter allegedly took her husband to a funeral home to make funeral preparations while her falsehoods spiraled, according to the court.

Attempts to acquire medical confirmation of Hunter’s condition after the trip to Disneyland were unsuccessful. Her statutory sick pay had been terminated.

After a member of the public expressed worry about Hunter’s children, social services became involved, and Hunter eventually broke down and acknowledged that she had made up her narrative.

According to the court, Mr Wilkinson was deeply embarrassed by her decision.

After being charged, Hunter admitted to fraud and perverting the course of justice.

Prosecutor David Godfrey stated that the liar initially gave labor to a sick person. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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