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Critically-injured dad sent harrowing 12-second goodbye message to wife and son as he lay in car wreckage

A DAD who lost both legs in a car crash sent an emotional 12 second “last goodbye” to his wife and son while in his wrecked car.

Nick Copson, 47, suffered multiple organ failure in the horror smash, but managed to leave a message for his loved ones in case he didn’t make it.

Cops found his phone and told his wife, Nikki, he had left a message for her.

Nick, a chef at the police training college in Crook, Co Durham, told the Mirror: “I knew that I might not make it and I just thought ‘I cannot leave the planet without saying goodbye’.

“I think anyone would do that given the chance – I just had to get a message to them.”

“It was very emotional listening to the message. It was quite harrowing. I thought ‘wow’, I cannot believe I did that.”

Nikki was told about the crash when she called Nick’s phone and a police officer answered.

She said: “I just said ‘Is he dead?’. She explained he had been in a serious head-on car accident and he had been airlifted to hospital and they would get someone to take me there. I knew then how serious it was.

“I was blue lighted there and they told me that he had severe spinal injuries and catastrophic leg injuries and he was in intensive care for 12 weeks.”

Nick had both legs amputated after surviving the head-on smash near Witton-le-Wear on the A68 in September 2018.

He also overcame sepsis, multi-organ failure, a fungal blood infection, kidney dialysis, blood clots and grade-four bedsores.

Nick finally left hospital in October 2019 and moved into a rehabilitation care home to continue his recovery before eventually coming home.

During this time the outbreak of Covid-19 was announced and his care home went into lockdown.

His wife decided to stay with him but at the end of March the couple started exhibiting symptoms linked to coronavirus.

Nick was tested for Covid-19 which came back positive, and it was deemed his wife also had it as they had the same symptoms.

They quarantined together and managed to beat the virus and Nick was finally discharged from the care home in May.

Nick said: “Though my recovery journey is nowhere near complete and I am still horizontally bed bound, coming home is a massive step.”

Nick and Nikki are now taking on a cycling challenge to raise money for GNAAS.

They will both be cycling 100 miles, Nikki on her exercise bike, and Nick on his hand bike.

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