Cressida Bonas is rumored to be considering breaking ranks and writing about her friendship with Harry Potter.


Cressida Bonas is rumored to be considering breaking ranks and writing about her friendship with Harry Potter.

If the Duke of Sussex discusses his previous lover in his upcoming biography, CRESSIDA BONAS “may be enticed” to share her side of the tale with ex-boyfriend Prince Harry, according to a columnist.

Harry just revealed that he will write and publish his autobiography in late 2022, with all earnings going to charity. The 36-year-old revealed the news on his Archewell website, which he and his wife Meghan Markle use to keep fans up to speed on their travels. On the website, Harry stated that the book will be a “exact and fully truthful” chronicle of his life thus far, and that he intended to write it “not as the prince I was born, but as the man I have become.”

It has prompted observers around the world to speculate on what kinds of memories might be included in the memoir’s pages, as well as who should be concerned about their presence.

It’s unknown who will be addressed, but a lot of Harry’s friends are apparently worried that some of their pranks may be referenced, despite the fact that they’ve never publicly spoken about them.

“There is a fear that he may expose details of his hedonistic upbringing, which some feel would jeopardize their professions and personal lives,” a source told the Daily Mail earlier this year.

“So far, Harry’s friends have remained loyal to him.”

“If Harry criticizes any of his old school and military mates in his new book, they’ve vowed to break ranks to give their side of the story.”

Harry’s former partner Cressida Bonas, with whom the Duke of Sussex spent two years from 2012, is one of those rumored to speak out.

The actress was reportedly “shocked” when she learned about the planned biography, with a source telling the Daily Mail’s society writer, “maybe she’ll be inclined to write about [the relationship]now.”

“She may give a new viewpoint on the relationship,” the person continued.

Royal analyst Daniela Elser, writing for, said it was doubtful Cressida would make such a move, especially given her silence about the couple’s time together.

However, she said that it raised concerns about his inner circle’s devotion and whether they were willing to maintain their reputation for not speaking lies.

“While the chances of this coming to pass.” Brinkwire Summary News,” Ms Elser stated.


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