Covid vaccinations will be made mandatory for 1.3 million US troops.


Covid vaccinations will be made mandatory for 1.3 million US troops.

According to a new report, the COVID vaccine will be made mandatory for US troops.

According to The New York Times, the US military is set to unveil the new policy this Friday.

According to the revised rules, around 1.3 million US military people will need to be injected.

When civilians observe military getting vaccinated, experts believe the new rules will increase vaccination rates in the country.

Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, a University of Pennsylvania bioethicist and Biden transition adviser, told the Times that “when people realize that these guys took the vaccine and nothing happened to them, that might be decisive.”

“Our military is admired by many. They can be a positive role model.”

The “inclination is toward making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory” for all active duty personnel, according to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The US President declared on July 29 that he had asked the Defense Department when the Covid vaccine would be made obligatory for troops.

Joe Biden said he was aware that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was “open to it.”

Biden said last week that all federal employees must be double-vaccinated or face the hassle of weekly tests, enforced masks, and social isolation.

Other big US corporations mandate that at least part of their staff be immunized.

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The Walt Disney Company, Google, Facebook, Tyson Foods, and Uber are among the companies on the list.

Nearly half of the population in the United States is completely vaccinated, and roughly 70% of individuals have had their first vaccination.

In mid-July, the Defence Secretary tweeted that 70% of active duty members had gotten their first dosage of the vaccination.

He tweeted, “I’m glad to inform that 70% of active duty service members have gotten their first COVID-19 immunization as of today, and 62 percent of active duty are fully vaccinated #WeCanDoThis.”

“I got mine, and I’m hoping you will as well. It will require all of us to get this illness under control.”


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