Covid may have been sweeping Italy for MONTHS before China verified instances, according to research.


Covid may have been sweeping Italy for MONTHS before China verified instances, according to research.

According to a study, CORONAVIRUS could have been devastating Italy months before China officially reported the first case in Wuhan.

According to a new research of blood samples taken in Italy as early as October 2019, the virus was circulating in Europe before Beijing confirmed the first case. A number of pre-pandemic blood samples that were discovered to exhibit antibodies generally associated with COVID-19 infection were retested by scientists from Milan’s Istituto Nazionale Tumori, a cancer research center. On Monday, the findings were published in a new publication.

“The results of this retesting show what we previously found in asymptomatic patients is a realistic signal of early circulation of the virus in Italy,” one of the researchers, Giovani Apolone, told the Financial Times.

“If this is true, it would explain the sharp increase of symptomatic cases in Italy in 2020.

“Under the surface, Sars-Cov-2, or an earlier form, circulated silently.”

Prior to the epidemic, Italian researchers evaluated 959 people for lung cancer.

They analyzed the samples last year for coronavirus-related antibodies and claimed to have discovered evidence of the fatal disease.

The samples were retested at the VisMederi laboratory in Siena, Italy, and a WHO-affiliated facility at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, as requested by the World Health Organization.

The new findings were “intriguing,” according to Marion Koopmans, Eramus’ head of virology.

However, she cautioned that while antibodies were detected, the samples did not provide solid evidence of earlier infection, according to the university’s guidelines.

“We utilize a rather strict threshold and cannot rule out that some of the observed reaction is real,” she explained.

“However, we would urge examinations of patients with unexplained disease for virological proof to confirm earlier circulation.”

The labs retested 29 Italian samples, some of which were positive and others of which were negative, as well as 29 control cases from 2018.

Three of these tests yielded a positive result for the Covid-linked antibody IgM, according to both Erasmus and VisMederi.

A recent infection is usually indicated by the presence of the antibody.

On October 10, 2019, the first sample was taken.

Another sample, taken on February 5, 2020, tested positive for so-called neutralizing antibodies.

None of the samples, however, contained antibodies at the levels required by Erasmus to be considered confirmation of infection.

This could be because the early virus was less aggressive, according to Italian researcher Gabriella Sozzi. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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