Covid has issued a terrifying warning as a deadly new strain, dubbed the “most mutated so yet,” spreads across the United Kingdom.


Covid has issued a terrifying warning as a deadly new strain, dubbed the “most mutated so yet,” spreads across the United Kingdom.

Scientists have warned that a new coronavirus strain is the “most altered so far” and is already in the UK.

The new mutation is rapidly spreading and is being closely monitored. C.1.2 is the name of the new variety, which was discovered in South Africa. It’s been related to a higher level of transmissibility.

The new strain could be more contagious than previous variations.

It may also possess the property of becoming immune to the effects of current immunizations.

This novel mutation was discovered in May of this year in South Africa.

The fast-spreading mutation has been found in England, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal, and Switzerland thus far.

“We describe and characterize a newly identified SARS-CoV-2 lineage with several spike mutations that is likely to have emerged in a major metropolitan area in South Africa after the first wave of the epidemic, and then to have spread to multiple locations within two neighboring provinces,” scientists claimed in a recent report published in the journal Nature.

“We show that this lineage has rapidly expanded and become dominant in three provinces, coinciding with a rapid rise of infections,” says the study.

“Although the complete impact of the mutations is unknown, genomic and epidemiological evidence suggests that this variant has a selection advantage—either through greater transmissibility, immune evasion, or both.”

The mutation rate of this COVID-19 viral variant is reported to be 41.8 mutations per year.

Other viral strains contain only half as many mutations.

Ten variants are now being monitored by Public Health England.

The number of cases of this mutation is unknown at this time, and the numbers have yet to be published.

If this new strain spreads to the United Kingdom, it will be recognized as a variation of concern.

The announcement comes after it was discovered that a new coronavirus variety known as COVID-22 may be more dangerous than the current world-dominating Delta type.

Professor Doctor Sai Reddy, an immunologist, told The Sun that we “must prepare” for a new emerging type in 2022.

Such a strain might pose a “significant risk” over the world.

The Swiss expert cautioned that combining varieties such as the Delta (India), Beta (South Africa), and Gamma (Brazil) to create a more lethal strain was “inevitable.”


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