Covid cases are higher in these three European countries than in the United Kingdom.


Covid cases are higher in these three European countries than in the United Kingdom.

THE Omicron variant has swept the United Kingdom and Europe like wildfire.

But, on the continent, which countries have the highest case rate?

The widespread spread of the Omicron variant in the UK has resulted in the reintroduction of restrictions in all parts of the country, raising fears of yet another lockdown.

However, other parts of Europe are currently doing worse than the United Kingdom, which had 2,649 cases per million people on Friday.

Ireland has reported a seven-day average of 4,020 cases per million people as of Friday, January 6.

On Thursday, 23,817 cases were confirmed, the highest daily total to date.

Fortunately, the number of deaths has remained low, well below the peak of 220 deaths in April 2020.

As a result of the increase in cases, new restrictions have been imposed, such as requiring masks at large indoor events and limiting indoor gatherings at home to no more than three households.

Despite the high prevalence, the government has stated that no additional restrictions will be implemented.

The situation “continues to cause significant concern,” the Irish government said in a statement on Wednesday, but the “rapid pace of the vaccination program has been central in offsetting the impact of the Omicron wave of the disease.”

According to government statistics, 2.3 million booster doses had been administered by January 5, covering 55 percent of the eligible population.

As of January 6, Green had one of Europe’s highest coronavirus prevalence rates, with a seven-day average of 3,468 cases per million people.

On Tuesday, there were 50,000 new cases and 61 deaths reported.

The number had dropped to 33,716 by Thursday, but the number of deaths had increased to 70.

66.3 percent of Greece’s adult population is fully vaccinated, according to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

In Greece, Omicron now accounts for 90 percent of all Covid cases.

Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris said this week that preliminary data showed no patients with confirmed Omicron had been admitted to intensive care in hospital so far.

593 Covid-19 patients were admitted to Greek hospitals on Thursday, according to data.

Denmark had 3,334 Covid cases per million people on January 6th, according to a seven-day average.

There were 18,261 new cases reported on Friday, with 755 people admitted to hospitals and ten deaths.

Almost eighty percent.

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