Covid booster statistics show that the EU is failing, as the bloc lags behind the United Kingdom in terms of booster distribution.


Covid booster statistics show that the EU is failing, as the bloc lags far behind the United Kingdom in terms of booster distribution.

Both the UK and the European Union (EU) update COVID booster statistics on a regular basis.

The EU is now lagging behind the UK in terms of coronavirus booster vaccine delivery.

The vaccine rollout in the United Kingdom has been one of the most successful in the world, with Brits proudly queuing up to get their shots and protect their loved ones from COVID-19.

As the Omicron variant spread across the UK, millions of people did not hesitate to get their third booster shot when the call was made.

With over 132 million vaccinations administered as of January 1, the United Kingdom has one of the world’s most vaccinated populations.

When the Omicron variant emerged as a serious threat in December, the number of jabs given out increased dramatically.

By December 22, a total of 30 million boosters had been administered, covering 56 percent of UK adults, with nearly one million jabs given every day.

However, the EU has been let down by some countries, which have only just managed to get their booster schemes up and running.

Despite the United Kingdom’s high vaccination rate, some EU countries were quick to impose travel bans on British citizens.

Chile leads all other countries in administering booster vaccines, with 60.5 percent of its eligible population receiving one.

The United Kingdom comes in second, with 52.3 percent of all Britons being stabbed for the third time.

Israel ranks third, with 50.7 percent of its population having received three rounds of vaccination.

However, the EU lags far behind the United Kingdom, with only 33.9 percent of the EU’s total population receiving a booster shot.

According to Statista, Denmark, France, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Italy have all surpassed the 40% mark, but several countries have fallen short.

Denmark has the highest rate in Europe, with nearly half of its citizens receiving the third dose, followed by Austria (46.4%) and Ireland (45.5%).

Germany had given boosters to 35.6 million people, or 46.9% of the population, by the 10th of January.

The Netherlands has stabbed 39.6% of the population, with Portugal and Hungary following closely behind with 39.3%.

With 38.1 percent of its population, Italy is nearly 10% behind Europe’s largest economy.

With less than a third of the population fully vaccinated, the Swedes are dragging the EU average down.

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