Couple’s misery as ‘Frisky Frank,’ a nymphomaniac French bulldog, humps anything that moves.


Couple’s woes as nymphomaniac French bulldog ‘Frisky Frank’ humps everything that moves.

The Essex couple admitted their nymphomaniac French bulldog Frank’s behavior was driving them insane on Channel 5’s Dogs Behaving Very Badly.

Last night (January 11), Channel 5 viewers were treated to a pocket-sized lothario French Bulldog who couldn’t stop humming.

A couple in Essex was left distraught by the actions of Frank, who would stop at nothing to get his end away – often with embarrassing consequences, as seen on Dog’s Behaving Very Badly.

Karl and Jade from Essex were at their wits’ end when they contacted the dog show hosted by ‘Dogfather’ Graeme Hall.

They couldn’t get a moment’s rest in their house when relatives were present because of Frankie’s perversions, and many dubbed him “Frisky Frank.”

“If you have a pair of legs, he’s coming after you,” Jade said.

“You can’t enjoy your time with your family because you’re constantly wondering who he’s after now – whose legs does he have?”

Frankie would also target other dog walkers when the couple went out on walks with their little ‘love machine.’

Karl was concerned that his previous cancer diagnosis had weakened him to the point where he would be unable to stop Frankie humping.

“It’s amusing at first, but it gets tiresome and irritating after a while,” he said.

“After they cut away part of my cancer from my arm, I have limited functions in my right hand.”

“I’m having a hard time removing him.”

I’m afraid I’ll run into the wrong person and they’ll attack me.

“He has the potential to get us into some serious trouble.”

Thankfully, Frankie’s love of the “funky funky” was quickly identified as a yelp for Graeme’s attention rather than a serious need for sexual gratification.

“I’m used to a warm welcome in Essex, but Frank is above and beyond, isn’t it?” he said.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a distorted sense of desire for attention.”

He’s getting paid to hump, but he’s not getting paid to not hump.”

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Graeme calculated that if the couple paid him more attention when he wasn’t humping and didn’t touch or acknowledge him when he was, he would stop.

Frank backed down, oblivious to the fact that he was being watched, and it appears that his humping has stopped.

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