Couples are loving ‘The Cross’ sex position – would YOU try this bedroom move?

ARE you bored of the same positions in bed? Why not try this new steamy technique tonight.

Couples are trying all sorts of sex positions to spice up their love lives.

There have been some very creative bedroom moves introduced this year, including Queening and the  68.

But if you’ve mastered those, there’s a new position you can try out and it’s effortlessly simple to master.

According to Bustle, ‘The Cross’ sex position is the simple bedroom move couples never thought to try.

It’s pretty much a more thrilling take on the standard missionary as all you have to do is lie flat on your back.

But to ignite the passion in the bedroom, your partner will have to lie perpendicular to you.

Align your bodies so you can hook your knees over their legs before they enter you from this close angle.

A couple having sexGETTY STOCK IMAGE

SEX TIPS: Need more inspiration in the bedroom – why not try this new move?

Not only is it super easy to master, it also gives you control over the passionate pace.

All you have to do is use your calves to direct your lover in a movement that pleasures you most.

And as there’s plenty of deep penetration combined with clitoral stimulation, this position is ideal for reaching an orgasm.

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And The Fixer is the steamiest sex position of 2018 – would you give it a go?

As for men who want to feel bigger in the bedroom, the ‘Hook’ is the ultimate move for smaller penises.


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