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Couple transform narrow 10ft London townhouse into a stylish home

A couple have transformed their 10ft-wide London townhouse into a spacious home by using clever tricks to make use of every nook and cranny. 

Ed O’Donnell, an interior designer, and his partner JP Banks, bought the house in Brixton, south London, in 2015 for £490,000 as a ‘wreck’ before painstakingly revamping the trendy abode. 

The narrow home posed a challenge due to it’s restricted space – but the couple rejigged every room to create the illusion of space without compromising on stylish and modern interiors. 

They knocked down walls, removed ceilings and painted it in bold and bright colours to open up the tiny two-bedroom townhouse so that every inch of space served a purpose – and have now almost doubled its value.  

To open up their entrance hall, Ed and JP stripped away an awkward and clunky staircase by the front door and replaced it with slimline steel stairs that snake along one side of the wall. 

Made from sheets of steel in a stylish bronze colour which were welded together, the new staircase opens up the ground floor and creates plenty of storage space for the professional couple. 

‘We replaced it with a new staircase against the wall opposite the front door. This was created in three sections off-site, welded together on site and bolted on to a steel plate inserted into the party wall,’ Ed told the Evening Standard.  

Advertising copywriter JP and Ed, who runs Angel O’Donnell interior studio, decided to knock down a wall separating the kitchen and living room to open up the space – perfect for the couple to entertain guests in.

Kitted out with a concrete dining table injected with dye then coated in resin, the room also features stylish blue walls and colourful furnishings.

‘Our choice of dining table was more important to us than our sofa,’ Ed revealed. He says the living room sofa is also statement piece, a ‘contemporary take on a chesterfield’ in wine-coloured velvet. 

Even a Mediterranean-style patio, which only measures 1.5m by 3m, was made to look spacious after the couple  painted every surface a bright colour and added large glass doors.

They even raised flower beds to add extra more space, before stringing up twinkling fairy lights and adding a chiminea. 

Now guests can see the patio from the front door which bathes the whole house in natural light and makes the downstairs space appear being bigger than it is.  

Taking a trip upstairs, a low-ceiling in the master bedroom was removed which allowed them to build a spare bedroom on a mezzanine level in the extra space.

A plywood staircase up to the additional room also doubles as handy storage cupboards, while an office is tucked away beneath it. 

The couple also built a small extension on top of the kitchen in order to create a built in wardrobe so they could maximize every inch of the house. 

Rafters were added to this now-high ceiling which were painted grey to give the illusion of the room being tall.     

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