Couple shares a bed with a poltergeist who joins them in front of the television.


Couple shares a bed with a poltergeist who joins them in front of the television.

A COUPLE claims to be haunted by a ghost that sleeps in their bed and watches TV with them.

Michael Lee told the Liverpool Echo that the uncanny event began with footprints approaching them across the bed. At their house in Southport, Merseyside, he claims the spirit has gotten more at ease and now lies across the bed with him, his husband, Blake Lee, and their cat Maggie.

The pair believes that the presence is that of a dog, which they are convinced will not hurt them.

Their cat, they allege, attempts to avoid it whenever possible, adding to their assumption that the apparition is a dog.

Mr Lee explained, “I thought the cat had come on the bed to wake us up for food at five a.m., but the cat was nowhere to be seen.”

“It was like slow-moving footprints on the bed, then they landed on my foot.

“It’s laying on its side. When this dog comes over, you can see the dip in the bed where it is laying because I have a fluffy blanket on the bed that is absolutely flat. It’s a lot of weight, too much for a cat.”

Mr Lee’s phone includes a built-in infrared camera and a two-way microphone, which the couple chose to employ.

“Is anyone there?” he said through the camera into the bedroom. before being met by a “high pitched wail,” according to him.

When he asked if the ghoul was a dog, he was greeted with the same noise.

“It doesn’t terrify me because you know what it may be and what it can’t be,” Mr Lee continued. It won’t harm you in any way. Although it is a poltergeist, ghosts do not appear to cause any harm.

“All it does is lie on my feet,” says the narrator. My spouse, who has noticed the dip in the bed, is a witness.

“He heard the noise the ghost made when I asked if it was there the other day. It can’t be a cat making that noise; it has to be a dog.”

Benjamin Roberts-Haslam contributed additional reporting.


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