Could you provide a home for Monty? Heartbreak as a rescue dog is kenneled for seven years.


Could you provide a home for Monty? Heartbreak as a rescue dog is kenneled for seven years.

After seven years in kennels, a RESCUE dog is still looking for his forever home.

Monty has spent the most of his life at Last Chance Animal Rescue in Kent, but has received little attention from possible adopters. The eight-year-old black Lurcher is described as having a “difficult background” and has a bent back as a result of former owners cramming him into a crate that was too small for him.

Monty has “trust difficulties” as a result of his mistreatment, and Last Chance is looking for a new owner who can show him that “not everyone is terrible.”

“Monty has been with us for nearly 7 years and is rarely asked about,” the organization stated.

“Monty has a blemished past. He has a bent back from being kept in a crate that was too tiny for him for an extended period of time, according to the doctors.

“As a result of this, he has trust issues and would benefit from someone who can teach Monty that not everyone is bad.”

Monty has grown to enjoy being fussed over by employees since arriving at Last Chance.

His ideal owner would be an adult who lives alone and does not have any other pets.

When he’s out and about, he needs to wear a muzzle since he’s afraid of other animals.

Last Chance is also on the lookout for someone to complete Monty’s training.

“Since being with us, Monty has grown quite loving towards the employees and loves to receive attention and hugs on the sofa,” according to the organization.

“Monty has a bad relationship with animals and would bark and tug at them.

“Unfortunately, he becomes so enraged that he slams his fist into your leg in order to get to the other dogs.

“As a result, when he’s out in public, he’ll be muzzled.

“Since being at last chance, Monty has learned to walk calmly with a dog in sight without barking or hitting your leg.

“He’ll never be able to meet other dogs, but he’d love to find a home with someone who can continue his training and work with him.

“He enjoys running and chasing tennis balls, but he is unaware that he is required to return them.

“We are searching for a single adult home without any other pets.”

Visit Last Chance’s website for additional details.


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