Could the UK face an Autumn lockdown as the number of cases rises?


Could the UK face an Autumn lockdown as the number of cases rises?

BORIS JOHNSON has emphasized that lifting Covid restrictions is a “irreversible” procedure, but with the number of cases on the rise, could we see another lockdown?

On July 19, many Brits celebrated Freedom Day, as the country advanced to step four in the government’s plan to end the lockdown. In what the Prime Minister called a “irreversible” step toward normalcy, all legal pandemic limitations were withdrawn in England. Could another lockdown be implemented in the Autumn if the number of Covid cases continues to rise?

Covid instances are still on the rise in the UK, with 4,104 new cases reported in the last 24 hours and 46,558 reported on Tuesday.

The apparent surge in deaths of those who died within 28 days of testing positive for the virus is the most worrying.

It’s concerning that the number of deaths has risen from 49 on Tuesday to 73 today.

According to Public Health England data, the number of people testing positive for Covid has increased dramatically since May, approaching the peak number of cases recorded during the Covid outbreak in January.

Despite the increase in cases, Boris Johnson claimed in February while announcing the stages of England’s exit strategy that “we cannot continue indefinitely with constraints that debilitate our economy, our physical and emotional well-being, and our children’s life chances.”

“That is why it is critical that this plan be careful while still being irreversible. We’re about to embark on what I hope and think will be a one-way journey to freedom.”

As each stage of the loosening of limitations was announced, the government stayed true to its statement.

Even after the original “Freedom Day” date was pushed back due to concerns about the Delta variant’s propagation, the message of the stages’ irreversibility persisted.

Mr Johnson, on the other hand, hasn’t completely ruled out the prospect of a lockdown.

“On the irreversibility argument, absolutely if we do uncover another variety that doesn’t react to vaccines, if heaven forbid, some really horrific new virus appears, then surely we will have to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the public,” he added.

Johnson went on to say, “We hope the road plan is irreversible.” I believe I stated it from the beginning.

“However, we can’t promise.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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