Corrie’s Jim McDonald jailed for FRAUD as Liz discovers money-grabbing scheme?

JIM McDonald (Charles Lawson) has finally been busted.

The Coronation Street cast member devised a cunning plan to con his ex-wife Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) and son Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) out of cash, after they abandoned him in prison.

Jim decided to allow his girlfriend Hannah Gilmore (Hannah Ellis Ryan) to pretend to be their long-lost daughter Katie, who died shortly after she was born.

However, Jim fell for Liz once again and the former Coronation Street couple discussed reconciling.

Hannah was absolutely fuming and set Liz up to walk in on Jim kissing her, after asking for one last smooch.

Liz was devastated and demanded answers, which led Hannah to come clean about her schemes.

Running out, she headed straight to Katie’s grave and Jim followed.

But as you can imagine, Liz wasn’t in the forgiving mood and threatened to send Jim back to jail once and for all.

“You know how much I grieved for her,” she raged.

“I’ll happily let you sit and rot for the rest of your life”

Liz McDonald

“How could you still let me think she was still alive? What kind of monster are you?

‘Well, come on Jim, we’re waiting? Because if you’ve got nothing we’re phoning the police.

“This was fraud. The cruelest fraud ever. I’ll happily let you sit and rot for the rest of your life.”

Later, Hannah left the McDonalds with a parting gift.

Not content with having ruined Liz’s life enough, she told Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) all about her husband’s night of passion with Liz while right under her nose.

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