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Coronavirus Scotland: Technician swears during live update

Radio listeners who tuned in for Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus update were shocked to hear a blundering technician turning the air blue instead.

The frustrated Tay FM staff member let rip during the First Minister’s coronavirus update earlier today as he tried to transmit the broadcast from Holyrood, Scotland.

He was oblivious that his frantic rant was being relayed live on air as he burst out with a string of expletives.

In the clip, the SNP Leader can be heard beginning her speech in the background before it is interrupted with the unexpected broadcast.

A male technician says: ‘Ah for f**k sake. Why aren’t they sharing it on their Twitter stream?

‘I don’t know how to do anything and I’ve already started this f***ing thing. F***, f***, f***, f***!

‘F***, f***, f***, f***, f***! Why is this so stressful?

‘Why can’t it just be f*****g normal? Oh my God.’ 

He later added: ‘I’m live to like 2,000 people and I’ve got nothing to f***ing show them because they’ve moved the f***ing screen.

‘And the thing they’ve moved it so I can’t f***ing link to… What am I going to do?’

Tay FM, which is part of the Bauer Media group, has since published an apology via its Twitter account.

It read: ‘We would like to unreservedly apologise to listeners and to the First Minister of Scotland for inappropriate language broadcast by a member of the digital Production team on a Bauer Media Scotland Facebook Live this afternoon.

‘This was due to human error and the content was removed immediately.

‘Additional processes will be put in place to ensure this does not happen again.’      

But listeners were able to see the funny side as they took to social media in their droves to make light of the situation.

One user wrote: ‘Poor guy at TayFM left his mic on waiting for the first ministers daily updates. 

‘Hope he doesn’t get into bother we are all human after all [sic].’

Another commented: ‘OMG Nicola sturgeon’s COVID-19 update as reported on Tay FM was a doozy. 

‘Poor guy was definitely having a bad day at the office. Stay safe everyone and always switch off your microphone [sic].’

And a third added: ‘the tay fm person f***ing the covid live stream up and swearing loads not knowing we could hear him was so f***ing funny.’

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