Coronavirus Scotland: 2137 new cases are shown by daily figures


In the last 24 hours, more than 2000 people in Scotland have tested positive for coronavirus.

Daily Scottish Government figures show that since yesterday, a total of 2137 individuals have registered a positive infection.

The latest figures indicate that in just three days, Scotland has registered 7298 cases.

There were a total of 21,451 new tests recorded for Covid-19, of which 10.6 percent were positive.

Delayed holiday monitoring indicates that data has not yet been reported on deaths, hospitalizations, and geographic outbreaks.

On Tuesday, January 5, the new daily data on deaths and hospitalizations will be released, which will include data for that day as well as for the previous four days.

On Friday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon cautioned that in Scotland the latest variant was “spreading ever faster” and that the number of 2539 cases yesterday was “worryingly high.”

On Twitter, Ms. Sturgeon said on Friday that if they were to act against the orders, Scots would put others at risk.

She said, “Today’s case numbers are again worryingly high. The new variant is accelerating the spread.”


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