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Coronavirus-denying Aussie UFC fighter Vik Grujic challenges ‘evil’ politician to a FIGHT over lockdown

CORONAVIRUS denier and Australian UFC fighter Vik Grujic has challenged a politician to a punch-up over Victoria’s super-strict lockdown.

While Victorians try their best to avoid being whacked with $1,652 (£905) fines for breaking rules, Grujic has dismissed the pandemic as a “hoax”.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran warned the Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, that “retribution is coming”.

The outspoken anti-masker attacked the state’s leader on Twitter, after being outraged over Victoria’s stage four lockdown.

Andrews had tweeted about the sad case of a woman who contracted coronavirus, overcame it, but was hospitalised after her condition worsened.

The premier said: “This virus is wicked. It doesn’t discriminate. It does not stop.

“And young or old – its impacts are brutal and potentially life-long.

“After filming this, Sarah’s condition deteriorated again and she returned to hospital.

“She hasn’t seen her kids in over a month, and she can barely get to the other side of the room.

“So if you’re thinking of bending the rules – even just a little. Think of Sarah, or someone you love: And remember the terrible cost of this disease.”

While Victorians tweeted their best wishes to Sarah, the fired-up Melbourne fighter retorted to Andrews: “The only thing wicked is you. You are evil.

“You will pay a heavy price for your betrayal and crimes. Human rights violations. Answer to no one.

“State funded propoganda… Retribution is coming [sic].”

When fan Nabeel Ahmed tweeted back: “Vik v Dan Andrews”, the fighter replied with a mocked-up pre-brawl pic, showing him alongside the masked politician with the words Grujic V Andrews at the Rod Laver Arena.

One Australian replied: “Seems someone’s had too many hits to the head.”

On August 3, Victoria – Australia’s coronavirus hot spot – announced that businesses would close to curb the spread of the virus.

The further restrictions happened days after the premier declared a disaster in Melbourne and introduced an evening curfew for six weeks.

Andrews later predicted the latest restrictions would cost 250,000 jobs.

As of August 11 the total number of coronavirus cases in Victoria is 15,251 with 331 new cases diagnosed since yesterday.

But the premier has conceded that the buck stops with him after the virus is believed to have leaked out of a botched quarantine programme in hotels.

A judicial inquiry has been launched into the after the disastrous operation linked to Victoria’s second wave of coronavirus cases, reports the Australia Associated Press.

There have been calls for the premier to be sacked over the hotel debacle, that set off the second surge in infections.

Andrews tried to deflect criticism, saying: “The best thing in my judgement is to focus on the things you can control and none of us can go back.

“We’ve got to be focused on what’s confronting us right now and that is an unacceptably high number of cases.”

But Grujic swears that the virus is just a “hoax”.

He also ranted on Twitter: “6 million in Victoria under siege from a dictator by the name of @DanielAndrewsMP.

“A percentage have Stockholm Syndrome and actually support this madness. 

“The rest of us are screaming for justice and democracy to return. 

“The US has invaded countries for lesser attacks on human rights. 

“Mass human rights violations. Innocent civilians being violently arrested by police for being out of their homes without I.D.”

Grujic has been vocal about a number of disturbing arrests in the state, including one where a cop was allegedly filmed grabbing a young woman by the throat.

The video footage – which has gone viral on Twitter – shows the officer allegedly forcing the struggling woman to the ground as she screams, “he’s choking me!”

She was apparently arrested for not wearing a face mask.

The AAP reported today that more than 270 people have been fined for breaching coronavirus restrictions in Victoria, including five caught drinking together in a garage.

Victoria Police conducted 3,879 spot checks on homes, businesses and public places in the past 24 hours and fined 276 people.

They include 74 people fined $1,652 for breaching Melbourne’s 8pm-5am curfew and 37 fined $200 for failing to wear a face mask, police said on Monday.

The Sun has spoken to university students who have also been hit with huge fines, after they were caught flouting the curfew rules when they became fed up with being cooped up in their flats.

Under stage four restrictions applying to metropolitan Melbourne, people must stay at home between 8pm and 5am, unless they need to leave for work, medical care or caregiving.

And all Victorians must wear a face mask when they leave home.


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