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Coronavirus deniers cash in by selling ‘5G protection crystals’

The co-leader of a conspiracy group which pushes ridiculous and dangerous theories about coronavirus is cashing in on the pandemic by selling ‘protection’ from 5G. 

Raphael Fernandez, co-head of 99% Unite, is spruiking Shungite – a black, crystal  mineraloid – as an effective way to ward off electromagnetic fields (EMF).

According to conspiracy theorists, EMF causes symptoms of coronavirus and is emitted by 5G towers. 

The ridiculous theory has no scientific basis and has been debunked by virologists across the globe.

But Mr Fernandez says he has an ‘amazingly powerful rock’, which he sells for up to $136, that ‘protects’ against EMF and promotes ‘physical healing’.   

He said 10 per cent of all proceeds go toward the 99% Unite movement – to help pay for fines people copped for breaking COVID-19 public health measures.

‘Go treat yourself for being part of an awesome movement and also to protect yourself,’ he wrote on Facebook. 

‘I see these as investments and I really hope they provide you with the protection you need and that it positively impacts your life.’  

Earlier this month, 99% Unite pushed an outrageous theory the COVID-19 pandemic was a government conspiracy, and callously suggested the families of people who had died from the virus lied about their cause of death. 

In a video with the group’s co-founder, Fanos Panayides, Mr Fernandez claimed families were accepting money in exchange for saying their loved ones died of COVID-19. 

‘All of this, it’s going to come under … COVID when really it’s the towers and then they can go and jab you with the vaccine to make you even worse,’ he said in the clip, according to The Australian. 

On Wednesday, Mr Fernandez unleashed on the media for ‘doing everything in their power to divide and silence us’. 

‘People can sense the TRUTH, they can feel the TRUTH. This is no cult.. this is a world wide movement that is not fooled by the lies that we have been sold. We do our own research instead of BLINDLY believe whatever we are being told,’ Mr Fernandez rambled.  

The 99% Unite Facebook group, which told followers not to wear masks and to reject coronavirus tests, has been removed. It had 66,000 members.

The group’s YouTube channel still remains active online. 

Daily Mail Australia reached out to Mr Fernandez for comment. 

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