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Coronavirus crisis: Queensland police could close border to Sydney residents if COVID-19 cases rise

Sydney could reportedly be cut off from Queensland within a matter of days. 

Police on the Queensland border are said to be preparing for harsher restrictions on people entering the state if more coronavirus hotspots emerge in Sydney.

One scenario cops are bracing for is that the entirety of Sydney is declared a COVID-19 danger zone.  

A senior police source told the Courier-Mail that officers are prepared to enforce any changes as soon as today. 

‘There is no way that more hot spots are not going to be declared, and all of Sydney would definitely be a consideration given what’s happening down there,’ the source said.

‘If the situation continues to deteriorate over the next week, I honestly don’t see how we wouldn’t look at closing the border entirely.’

Authorities could declare more hotspots in Sydney in the coming days as more clusters emerge.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Queensland Health and Queensland Police for comment.

Queensland has already declared the whole state of Victoria a hotspot, as well as the Liverpool and Campbelltown local government areas in southwestern Sydney.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the government is looking at blacklisting even more areas in New South Wales.

‘I had a preliminary discussion yesterday with the deputy premier and also the chief health officer,’ she told reporters on Tuesday.

‘We’re going to look at what happens in New South Wales today, but we are considering adding further hotspots at this stage,’ she said.

The placement of checkpoints along the Queensland-NSW border remains a sore point for both premiers, with neither prepared to concede ground.

Ms Palaszczuk wants the border moved south to the Tweed River to resolve traffic congestion in Tweed Heads and Coolangatta, where locals have been blocked into their driveways.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says, if anything, checkpoints should move further into Queensland.

Tight border controls have resulted in hundreds of people being sent packing for trying to enter Queensland in breach of lockdown laws, including a man who hid in a car boot.

Two women were caught trying to smuggle the man into Queensland in a scene reminiscent of an East German making a break for freedom beyond the Berlin Wall. 

The vehicle was stopped just after dark on Sunday at Wallangarra, in the Southern Downs, and police found the 41-year-old man hiding in the rear.

He was fined $4003 for attempting to enter Queensland without a Border Declaration Pass and denied entry while the women, aged 28 and 29, were also refused entry. 

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