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Coronavirus Australia: Radio star reveals mother has died

Australian radio presenter Craig ‘Huggy’ Huggins has announced the tragic death of his mother Joyce from COVID-19.

The Melbourne-based host shared the devastating news with listeners on his Gold 104.3 radio show on Tuesday.

‘Through Gold 104.3 I’ve always felt that you and I have had that sort of relationship where we can tell each other anything,’ Craig said.

‘So I want to tell you that I’m finishing early today. In fact, I’m going home right now. Sadly I’ve just received a call to let me know that my elderly mum Joyce has passed away at a nursing home with COVID-19.’

He continued: ‘There’s no need to ring me, I know your thoughts are with me and my family.’

Craig then urged listeners to wear protective ‘face masks, social distance and do the right thing’ as the pandemic continues to intensify.

‘I just want to ask you to be careful. Wear your mask, social distance and do the right thing. Many people don’t know anyone that’s had the virus, but now you do, Huggy’s mum. Stay safe and and I’ll be back in a new few days,’ he said.

Coronavirus cases in Victoria’s aged care homes have soared past 450 and health authorities warn more deaths are to be expected.

On Friday, Victoria recorded 300 new COVID-19 cases as well as the deaths of seven people, five of them linked to aged care facilities.

Last week, Premier Daniel Andrews announced face masks have become mandatory across Melbourne and Mitchell Shire in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Those who disobey the new government directive to wear masks outside the home will face a $200 fine.

Meanwhile, Melbourne is now almost half way through a six-week lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus.

On Monday, Premier Andrews said the biggest source of the new infections is people continuing to go to work after showing symptoms.

‘This is what is driving these numbers up and the lockdown will not end until people stop going to work with symptoms and instead go and get tested,’ he said.

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