Coronavirus: After vaccines, BrewDog serves beer


A Scottish brewery is calling for assistance in naming a commemorative beer that will be offered at one of its bars to those getting a vaccine.

BrewDog gave the Scottish and UK governments the use of its now-empty bars to help administer coronavirus vaccines.

The national bar president reached out on Twitter to both Nicola Sturgeon and Matt Hancock, where he said his bars have storage, waiting rooms, and workers to help out.

Brewdog provides closed bars as hubs for coronavirus vaccines

Now James Watt is suggesting that a special commemorative beer will be given to any person who gets vaccinated at a BrewDog bar.

And he’s looking for input from Twitter to call it.

We are in talks with the government about the use as vaccination centers of our closed @BrewDog bars.

We will also give anyone who gets vaccinated at a BrewDog bar a special commemorative beer.

But what are we going to call it?
January 1, 2021 -James Watt (@BrewDogJames)

For individuals to choose from, mockup designs reveal four options: Vaccine Canteen, Little Pr*ck, Community Immunity and Jab Lab.

Mr. Watt wrote on Twitter, “We are in discussions with the government about using our closed BrewDog bars as vaccination centers,”

“We will also give a special commemorative beer to anyone who gets vaccinated at a BrewDog bar. But what should we call it?”

On Thursday, Nicola Sturgeon had already thanked the beer giant for the offer of support, and the gesture was greeted with widespread social media acceptance.

“Thank you. I will pass this on to our vaccination team.” the First Minister wrote.

“We look forward to working with the government to do all we can to help with a rapid and effective vaccine rollout, and we’d like to thank Nicola Sturgeon for reaching out so quickly.” said a BrewDog spokesperson.


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