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Coronation Street fans disgusted as the police let Geoff go despite video of him abusing Yasmeen

CORONATION Street fans are furious after the police let Geoff Metcalfe go – despite having a video of him abusing wife Yasmeen.

The domestic abuser – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – was exposed by his own recordings of him attacking wife Elaine, but despite the police questioning him he was let go.

In tonight’s episode he arrived back on the cobbles and tried to manipulate his son Tim into apologising to him for having him questioned.

He told Tim: “Let’s just forget about it and put it all behind us. 

“Setting the police on your own father, come on. But I forgive you. 

“They watched it and they let me go because it’s a misunderstanding. 

“If you watch it again you’ll see that. I lost my temper, everyone does that. Are you telling me you’ve never lost your temper with Sally?”

A furious Tim fired back: “I’m nothing like you. 

“So you can lie you’re way out of it again like you have been doing these past few months, like you have been doing my whole life? 

“Hiding my own mother from me. You’re not my father.”

Tim then went off to find his mum Elaine after Geoff ran her out of town and left his dad to stew on his own.

But fans were enraged that he was let out despite the evidence of his abuse.

One wrote: “HOW did they let Geoff go??? For f***’s sake.”

A second said: “How has Geoff been released?”

Another added: “As if the useless Weatherfield police let Geoff go.”

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