Coronation Street Dogs: The Most Memorable Canines from the Cobbles


Coronation Street Dogs: The Most Memorable Canines from the Cobbles

It’s the world’s longest television soap opera, and there have been plenty of four-legged companions that have left an indelible imprint on Coronation Street throughout the years.

Several large and tiny dogs have wandered along the renowned cobbles in some of the most iconic scenes in Weatherfield.

From their first appearance on the Manchester soap opera to their tear-jerking final episodes, fans will remember the beautiful moments.

So, how many Corrie dogs do you remember? Let’s take a look at some of the most adored canines to ever grace our screens.

Boomer made his television début in 1990 as part of a Christmas narrative in which he was handed a present from Jack Duckworth to his wife, which was sold to him by buddy Bert Latham.

The Duckworths were stuck upstairs in their home during one memorable incident, when Boomer helped himself to their turkey supper.

Boomer, on the other hand, was not the friendliest of dogs, and his owners struggled with his tough and occasionally violent behavior.

Soon after, it was revealed that Jack had fallen victim to Bert’s Christmas scam, in which he sold Boomer to a different owner each year.

Cerberus is one of the many Greyhounds featured in Weatherfield, and he is pampered by Evelyn Plummer, the opinionated and abrasive grandmother of popular character Tyrone Dobbs.

The white and brown canine, who first appeared on the soap in 2018, is plainly revealed to be more well-cared for than the other members of Evelyn’s household at times.

David the Yorkshire Terrier, a member of the current pet cast, has been wreaking havoc at the Platts’ house since settling in at number eight.

The Yorkie was given as a gift to long-term resident and hairdresser David when his original owner passed away.

The duo’s storylines have included assisting Shona and David in becoming an official couple (they later married in 2019) and seeing Yasmeen Nazir kidnap David’s puppy.

Eccles was the most recent of the Coronation Street canines to depart to the kennel in the sky last year, but he is far from forgotten.

After the death of Ken Barlow’s wife Diedre in 2015, the Border Terrier assisted him in overcoming his grief.

Ken tried to get Eccles into his retirement home despite the fact that there were no dogs, proving their bond was nearly unbreakable. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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