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Corgi called Zelda refuses to share her ice cream and carries the tub away when anyone approaches

This is the hilarious moment a corgi called Zelda refuses to share her ice cream anyone, walking away with the tub each time her owner reaches towards it. 

Footage filmed in Miami, Florida, shows Zelda with her nose in the tub as she enjoys her sweet treat.

When her owner reaches out their hand for the tub, Zelda doesn’t let them near it. Instead, she picks it up and moves it away from them. 

When they reach out again, she picks it up and turns around so that she is facing away from them. 

They try for a third time and the corgi picks up the ice cream and moves to the other side of the blue rug. 

The person who filmed the clip on July 30 said: ‘Zelda refuses to share pretty much anything she has. Food, of course, is no exception.’

One social media user said: ‘I wouldn’t wanna share my ice cream with anyone too on a hot day… You got my back doggy!’

Other users questioned whether the dog was eating chocolate while another explained that it could be carob. 

Carob is a cocoa powder alternative and can be used to make dog treats. 

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