Cops summoned Sobchak’s daughter over a deadly automobile crash as video of the horrific occurrence surfaced online [DISTURBING].


By Jonny Tickle

There is no suggestion Sobchak is suspected of any illegal activity, with the police wishing to speak to her as a critical witness in an accident that saw one woman die. The driver, a man named Oleg Tsoi, has admitted that he broke the law and is currently under house arrest.

On Sunday night, Sobchak’s Mercedes taxi drove into oncoming traffic while attempting an overtake maneuver, hitting one car head-on. As well as the one fatality, two people were also injured.

According to Sobchak, she lost consciousness after the collision and suffered a concussion. Following the accident, she received backlash online after it was revealed that she left the scene very quickly, calling another taxi and taking a plane to Moscow. She has, however, stated her intention to help the families of the victim and the injured.

On Wednesday morning, CCTV footage from Sunday was released online, showing the horrific collision from multiple angles, including from within the bus that the Mercedes driver was seemingly attempting to overtake.

Kseniya Sobchak is the daughter of the late Anatoly Sobchak, a former mayor of St. Petersburg whose deputy and right-hand man in the 1990s was Vladimir Putin. After graduating from university, she became the host of the popular reality television show Dom-2, before entering journalism and eventually running for president in 2018, where she came fourth with 1.7% of the vote.

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