COP26 LIVE: Obama flies into the UK TODAY for a major speech –


COP26 LIVE: Obama arrives in the UK TODAY – the former US President is set to deliver a major speech.

BARACK OBAMA has arrived in the United Kingdom ahead of a speech in which he will call for “more robust action from all of us moving forward.”

On Sunday night, the former US President landed at Glasgow Airport after confirming on Twitter that he would be attending the conference and addressing climate change, emphasizing that the Paris Agreement “wasn’t enough.”

This will be his first visit to Scotland since his last visit in 2017, and it comes after President Joe Biden’s visit during the United Nations Climate Change Conference’s first two days.


Annie Lennox, the singer, said she was “proud” that the summit was being held in Glasgow, but that the outcome “remains to be seen.”

The musician warned that if countries like India and China “do not get on board,” the world will be “in real jeopardy,” and urged world leaders to “walk the talk.”

“That is really sobering,” said Lennox, the Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University.

The goal of Cop26 is to meet the pledges, not just talk about them, so the outcome remains to be seen.

“I’ve gone vegetarian and don’t eat red meat anymore.”

“I live in a state of despair, and I am terrified for our future.”

Every day, I think to myself, “Oh my god, we’re stuck.”


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