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Cop run over by thief days before PC Andrew Harper’s death backs Andrew’s Law campaign for tougher sentences

A COP run over by a car thief five days before the death of PC Andrew Harper has backed calls for tougher sentences.

PC Gareth Phillips said he supported the campaign for Andrew’s Law and believes early release on licence should be ditched for offenders who attack emergency workers.

PC Phillips, 43, of the Central Motorway Police Group, suffered multiple injuries, including a shattered pelvis, in Birmingham last August.

He only recently returned to duty.

He said: “Sentences, not only for people who attack police officers, but emergency workers, should be stronger.

“I think there needs to be more consistency over the sentencing.

“Something needs to change.

“Whether it’s paramedics, police officers or doctors, we don’t go to work to get injured, we go to work to help people.”

PC Phillips also thanked well-wishers who wrote to him during his rehabilitation.

PC Harper, 28, was dragged to his death as three thieves fled in a getaway car in Berkshire.

His family are seeking tougher punishments after two of his killers were told they would spend only two thirds of their 13-year terms in custody.

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