Conspiracy theorists who believe ETs could be contacted claim an alien base on the Moon.


Conspiracy theorists who believe ETs could be contacted claim an alien base on the Moon.

Conspiracy theorists claim an alien facility has been discovered on the Moon’s surface and that humanity should try to contact the occupants.

In their search for alien life, UFO seekers feel they have struck gold. The proof comes in the form of a rumored building discovered on the Moon’s surface. The structure, according to one conspiracy theorist, is a base with beings living inside.

After looking over an Arizona State University map of the Moon, renowned UFO seeker Scott C Waring was the first to notice the structure (ASU).

Mr Waring believes there is an antenna on the structure’s roof that might be used to contact the putative base’s residents.

“Here is an unusual building sitting inside the edge of a crater on Earth’s Moon,” Mr Waring posted on his site UFO Sightings Daily.

“I discovered it in an ASU moon map, which depicts a massive structure that resembles a tower with an antenna on top.

“The foundation of the structure is built around the unevenness of the crater floor, which I colored yellow to make it easier to see for some individuals.

“Now, if we merely use radio telescopes, microwave broadcasts, and laser communication beams to send a radio wave message to the moon, we’ll soon meet and greet our alien friends on the Moon. Success would be a foregone conclusion.”

While some features of the alleged structure appear to be consciously designed, this is most likely a coincidence.

Instead, a meteorite is most likely to blame for the object in question.

The Moon is continually pummeled by falling space rocks, and because it lacks an atmosphere, it has no protection from rocky debris.

This means that a meteor as small as a few inches in diameter has the ability to create an impact crater.

Mr Waring, on the other hand, is most likely seeing a base due to a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

This happens when your brain recognizes patterns in something that isn’t there.

“Pareidolia is a psychological phenomena in which people recognize recognizable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or other seemingly unrelated objects or data,” NASA explained.

“On Earth and in space, there are numerous examples of this phenomenon.”


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