Compared to Nazi and Apartheid death squad symbols, the British Army fury is a brand new badge.


Compared to Nazi and Apartheid death squad symbols, the British Army fury is a new badge.

THE BRITISH ARMY has received a barrage of angry comments after their newly unveiled badge bears a striking resemblance to Nazi and Apartheid death squad symbols.

Today, the Ranger Regiment’s new cap badge was unveiled.

“We have revealed the cap badge of The Ranger Regiment,” the British Army wrote on Twitter, alongside a photo of the badge.

The Ranger Regiment plays a vital role in the British Army’s future.

“Training for its four battalions will begin on December 1st.

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Hundreds of angry Twitter users responded to the announcement, pointing out the resemblance to the Nazi Reichsadler and the Selous Scouts, an Apartheid death squad.

“Well, that’s truly horrid,” one Twitter user who goes by the handle The Perennial Captain said.

It’s truly horrible.

It’s humiliating.

“I hope someone has the courage to admit that was a mistake.”

“It would be great if you could share the thought process that landed on this please (apart from the name – that bit is obvious),” said another user, @SSN14CO.

“It looks pretty similar to the old Selous Scouts cap badge dontyathink?” wrote another, @staff_ex, alongside an image of the Selous Scouts badge.

“I’m sure there will be no fallout from that…” they added.

The new badge, according to a fourth user, @Shaftbreak, shows that the army has “lost the last few shreds of self-awareness.”

“Ooof,” they wrote.

This thread has a lot of ‘constructive’ feedback.

“Perhaps the last piece of evidence we needed that the General Staff has lost all sense of self-awareness and perspective outside of the Andover Echo Chamber.”

“I saw it and just thought ‘nazi eagle,'” tweeted @Plus_haut.

“Not a good look, British army,” one user commented.

During apartheid South Africa, the Selous Scouts were a special forces unit of the Rhodesian Army that gained a reputation for brutality after carrying out a number of atrocities against civilians.

As they attempted to keep white-minority rule over what became Zimbabwe, the unit fought black insurgent armies and was accused of injuring and killing civilians.

According to a Defence source, having a “cap badge in this day and age with any connection to a racist regime whatsoever” “seems outrageous.”

“An officer said he had seen an email claiming it was actually based on the Selous Scouts,” they said.

“It’s almost identical to the Selous of Rhodesia.”

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