Communication concerns and unanticipated “triggers” threaten to erupt in the US-China war.


Communication concerns and unanticipated “triggers” threaten to erupt in the US-China war.

TENsions between the United States and China have been rising for a long time. However, according to US military officials, the lack of communication between the US and China is a key roadblock that must be overcome in order to avoid a conflict between the two countries.

The US-China relationship is strained, with US President Joe Biden voicing concern over a number of concerns. Human rights violations against Muslims from the Uighur minority group have been leveled against China in Xinjiang. After months of pro-democracy protests, China has been accused of restricting liberties in Hong Kong.

China has also been under fire in recent weeks for its operations in the South China Sea.

The South China Sea is vital to the global economy, as much of the world’s shipping passes through it.

China, on the other hand, passed its Maritime Traffic Safety Law on September 1.

According to the law, all foreign vessels entering Chinese waters must notify maritime authorities and have permits.

The law has been heavily criticized because China has claimed territory that belongs to Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

The US has backed these countries’ concerns, claiming that China is extending its influence outside its borders.

In the wake of China’s increasing military operations around the island, Taiwan’s defense minister has stated that China’s armed forces can “paralyze” Taiwan’s defenses.

Political tensions between the United States and China have been simmering for some time.

However, US military personnel have cautioned that a lack of contact between the two countries might worsen the situation.

For a long time, the US has attempted to improve contact with Chinese officials in order to assist in the resolution of conflicts or concerns.

“There should be a sense of urgency about this,” retired Admiral Scott Swift, former commander of the US Pacific Fleet, told Politico.

Unpredictable “triggers,” he continued, may spark a military conflict between the US and China, posing a threat to the current crisis communication channels.

According to Reuters, a top Pentagon official and Chinese military officials met on Friday for a briefing.

The gathering was the first of its kind under the new Biden administration.

The discussion, according to a US government source, focused on risk management between the US and China.

“(They) used the US-PRC Defense Telephone,” a US official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Brinkwire Summary News


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