Colonel Richard Kemp warns that the Pen Farthing animal airlift “would reflect very badly on the UK.”


Colonel Richard Kemp warns that the Pen Farthing animal airlift “would reflect very badly on the UK.”

Colonel Richard Kemp has warned that PEN FARTHING’s animal rescue flight from Kabul will “reflect very badly on the UK.”

Colonel Richard Kemp has slammed the effort and military resources expended to save Pen Farthing’s cat in Kabul, Afghanistan. He cautioned that the “unusual choice” to assist in the evacuation of the animal rights activist, as well as around 200 cats and dogs, would “look very badly on the United Kingdom.” Colonel Kemp told TalkRADIO that the rescue attempt will cause Afghans to wonder if “these creatures are more important than humans.”

“Well, I wonder what type of man would organize and raise funding to carry out such an airlift of animals, knowing that there were thousands of people who wanted to get out,” Colonel Kemp said on TalkRADIO.

“I was astonished to learn that, and I was even more surprised that the government would allow that to happen.

“They could have simply stated that this is not going to happen; if a plane is coming in here, people, not animals, will board it.

“It seems to me like an amazing decision was made.”

“Not only is it a plane that could have been packed with passengers, but it’s also the amount of time and effort that highly busy military officers put into dealing with the matter.

“They should have been concentrating on what they were doing, which was getting the people out.

“So I believe it was a terrible circumstance that will not only look bad, but will also reflect adversely on the United Kingdom.

“Afghans will wonder if these animals are more essential than they are, and the answer appears to be yes.”

It comes after Pen Farthing apologized on Good Morning Britain for the profanity he used in a voicemail he left for a UK Defence Secretary adviser, Ben Wallace.

“I’m going to have to say now, so everyone knows, I’m really embarrassed about my language,” Mr Farthing told GMB.

“I apologize to everyone who heard what I said.

“You know, I was at the very lowest position I could be.

“I know how the world works, but my emotions get the best of me.”

“I just found out that you are blocking me getting this flight out of Afghanistan for my team and the animals,” he screamed in the recorded message, which was said to have been left on Monday.

“All right, friend, here’s the situation. “Brinkwire Summary News,” you say.


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