Colin Brazier of GB News warns of a Russian conspiracy to incite anti-English sentiment in Scotland.


Colin Brazier of GB News warns of a Russian conspiracy to incite anti-English sentiment in Scotland.

Colin Brazier, host of GB News, warned that the West is on the approach of a “new Cold War” with Russia, claiming that Moscow has been sowing discord in the UK with anti-English propaganda.

Colin Brazier has given a severe warning to the British government, advising them to prepare for increased attacks from “cyber-propagandists” attempting to destabilize the UK for the advantage of Russia. A disinformation campaign targeting Scottish nationalists, according to the GB News host, has already begun to wreak turmoil. “As I told the Russian ambassador to Britain on this news channel a month ago, I have three children who attend to school in Salisbury,” Mr Brazier said.

“I wanted him to consider the slow, agonizing deaths they would have suffered if they had come across the fatal novichok planted by Russian state killers, rather than others.

“I am not a Cold War aficionado. I’ve visited Moscow and adore the concept of Mother Russia as depicted in Dostoevsky’s and Tolstoy’s magnificent writings.

“However, this Russia, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, is a threat.

“His cyber-propagandists want to break up the United Kingdom by inflaming anti-union sentiment among Scots.”

The UK is a clear target of Russian disinformation, according to a report released by the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee in July 2020.

The committee also warned that Russian meddling would become the “new normal” for the United Kingdom.

“Putin’s tremendously out-of-kilter defense spending is paying for hypersonic missiles, gigantic new submarines, and an improved generation of tanks capable of outgunning our thickest armour,” Mr Brazier stated.

“Toys for boys?” Is it possible that I’ll never be needed? Perhaps not.

“Defense is a costly insurance policy that some individuals want to cancel at any time. However, freedom does not come without a price.

“Putin is a bully, and bullies take advantage of others’ weaknesses. As a result, we must ensure that our capabilities are credible deterrents.

“Whether we like it or not, a new cold war is upon us. If the worst annoyance we encounter in the next years is a clogged highway, we will have done well.”

Following the release of the Committee’s report last year, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov rejected any Russian meddling in UK politics.

“Russia has never intervened in electoral processes in any country in the globe, including the United States and the United Kingdom,” Mr Peskov added.

“We don’t do it ourselves, and we don’t do it.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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