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Coles manager goes above and beyond the call of duty by handing out chairs and jackets to customers

A Coles manager has touched shoppers heart’s by offering jackets, chairs and cookies as they wait in long queues.

Vony Fazzino, a manager at the supermarket in Campbelltown, in western Sydney, was filmed walking down the aisle of the store catering to customers’ needs.

The video showed her helping elderly shoppers put on large construction jackets in order to keep warm.

She then brought chairs up the aisle, where queues extended from one end to the other, to give people a chance to rest. 

Ms Fazzino can also seen joking with  customers as she handed out cookies to patiently waiting shoppers. 

The video has since gone viral online.

Ms Fazzino said she began handing out the jackets when she noticed some senior customers shivering as they waited near the freezer section.

She quickly went out the back of the store and grabbed some jackets to hand out.

The manager told the Campbelltown MacArthur Advertiser she didn’t realise she was being filmed and the response has been overwhelming.

‘I assumed that people had their phones out to let their friends know that we had toilet paper,’ she said. 

She said staff have hung a sign in the staff room encouraging everyone to ‘be like Von’ however she said it was due to her staff she had a chance to do that.

Ms Fazzino said their store has been filled with customers every day.

‘We had lines through three aisles of the store just for toilet paper but now it’s about 10 people lining up of a morning to get in,’ she said.

‘Most people have been great, we’ve had some aggressive customers because it’s such a stressful time, but the majority of our customers have been very understanding.’

She said despite scenes at other stores of violence, customers have been kind and understanding.

Supermarkets have become a hotspot during the coronavirus pandemic as fears of isolation sparked panic-buying.

Items such as toilet paper, pasta and flour were stripped off of shelves and put under restriction.

However brawls broke out at some stores and workers left in tears at tirades of abuse. 

Coles now has two dedicated shopping hours per week for emergency service and healthcare workers as of March 26.

They are the first hour of trade on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Monday, Wednesday and Friday remain for seniors.

A Coles spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Our team members have done a fantastic job over the past few weeks supporting customers and each other during this challenging time.

‘Thanks to the continued efforts of our team members, our stores now have more stock on display for customers and there are signs that the demand is beginning to slow.’


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