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Coles introduces new safety measures to protect customers and staff from coronavirus outbreak

Coles has introduced a raft of new health and safety measures at its stores to protect customers and staff from the growing coronavirus outbreak.  

In a bid to keep physical contact between customers and workers to a minimum, shoppers are now being asked to pack their own grocery bags and to pay with tap-and-go or contactless payments. 

The supermarket announced on Friday it has added extra cleaning and sanitisation to ‘high contact’ areas of the store including trolleys, baskets, checkout areas and self-service screens.

Customers are also expected to have their hands washed or sanitised before entering and those who are feeling unwell will be asked not to enter stores. 

Social distancing guidelines will be enforced with signs around stores and at checkout areas reminding people to keep a 1.5-metre distance, or a trolley-length apart. 

Coles Group CEO Steve Cain announced the changes being rolled out at all stores in a statement Friday.

‘We know that health and safety is front of mind for lots of our customers at the moment, and we want to let you know that we’re working closely with the Department of Health to ensure the most effective protection for both you and our team members in our stores during the COVID-19 situation,’ he said. 

‘We ask all customers not to enter a store if they are unwell, to wash or sanitise their hands before entering stores, and to remind everyone to not touch their face unless your hands have been sanitised.

‘We’ll be asking you to queue at the marked signs in front of the checkout, along the belted area and when you’re packing.’ 

As part of the new measures, single-item bakery goods such as in-store baked bread will be pre-wrapped, and on-demand slicing will be suspended.    

Earlier this week, Woolworths installed protective glass shields at stores as it increased safety measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Screens were installed at Sydney’s Town Hall and Kellyville North stores and will be rolled out at other stores nationwide in the coming weeks. 

The company announced last Friday that security guards will be employed at all of its stores nationwide to protect staff and customers amid the recent panic buying chaos.

Many stores are already  manned by the new security guards. 

The supermarket giant has also implemented a range of in-store social distancing measures in the wake of the federal government’s new rules announced last week.

Shoppers are encouraged to use their trolley as a distance guide and to follow floor markings when waiting at the checkout.

Shoppers are encouraged to use their trolley as a distance guide and to follow floor markings when waiting at the checkout. 

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