Coleen Nolan of Loose Women says she’s no longer sorry for Coleen Rooney for forgiving Wayne.


Wayne and Coleen Rooney were the topic of discussion during the latest episode of Loose Women as the panel discussed the couple’s upcoming Amazon Prime documentary

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan said she no longer “feels sorry” for Coleen Rooney for standing by her footballer husband Wayne Rooney.

The ITV panelists were talking about a new clip that was shown of a forthcoming documentary featuring Coleen Rooney, where she said “I knew groups Wayne was hanging around with – together with alcohol – not good.”

She added: “I forgive him, but it wasn’t acceptable.”

The panel, lead by Ruth Langsford, were discussing whether women who choose to stay with cheating men are judged.

“She has faced actually a lot of criticism over the years for staying with Wayne hasn’t she,” said Ruth.

“Do many of us instantly judge the woman who stands by her man?”

Coleen Nolan didn’t hold back with her thoughts: “I think people do judge. Even if they’re not judging, if you’re that woman who’s had that done to you, you feel you’re being judged.”

“You feel that you’re being forced to make a decision to please other people,” she explained.

Talking about Wayne and Coleen she said: “The first time I always thought, they’ve been together since they were 13 or something, he’s young, he’s gonna make mistakes, so I got it.

“Then the second and third time? I don’t judge, I just stopped feeling angry or sorry for her because I think well now it’s her decision,” insisted Coleen.

Ruth interjected: “The biggest fear is that pity.”

“No, but then I don’t even pity them anymore!” said Coleen.

“The first time I pity them because I think that’s awful, but the reason I don’t pity them in the end is because I think they’ve accepted it so it’s none of my business and it’s what she wants to do.”

Carol McGiffin challenged: “So are you saying she deserved it?” “No, absolutely not!” said Coleen.

“What I’m saying is if she’s willing to accept it and forgive him then it’s not my place to judge her decision.”

The ladies ended up having to agree to disagree on the subject for the most part.

The new documentary will air next year.

Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12.30pm

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