‘Clutching at straws,’ Macron mocked as the French turned on him en masse – more fears of protests.


Macron mocked the French for ‘clinging to straws’ as they turned on him en masse – more protest fears.

The French reacted angrily to EMMANUEL MACRON’s expletive remarks about the unvaccinated, mocking him.

The President recently stated that his “strategy” was to “p*** off” those who had not been vaccinated against Covid for various personal reasons, prompting mass protests on Saturday organized by Les Patriotes leader Florian Philippot.

“It’s already packed, with people pouring in from all over,” Mr Philippot wrote.

“Macron and his filthy words will be consigned to history’s dustbins!”

“Free France, long live Liberty!”

The reaction to Mr Macron’s “strategy” has been mocked by readers of this website.

“Crazy man, or just plain stupid,” Snodgrass11 wrote.

“Even those who have been vaccinated can contract Omicron and infect others.”

“Discrimination based on vaccine status must be prohibited and held in the same contempt as discriminatory views against those with strongly held religious beliefs,” Dc2017 wrote.

Attempts to “p*** off” those who refuse to get vaccinated, according to Polandleavestheeu, are undemocratic.

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“People have a choice whether to take the vaccine or not,” they wrote.

“I respect both those who choose to take the vaccine and those who do not.

In a democracy, you can’t make it mandatory.”

Mr Macron’s remarks, according to CruellaDaVil, could jeopardize his chances of remaining in office if the French continue to react negatively.

“When are world leaders and politicians going to lead by example and stop using derogatory remarks – stop the mudslinging and just get on with their jobs?” they wondered.

“I believe Macron will not be re-elected.”

He’s clinging to the last strands of his life.”

Others, however, believe he will still win the French people’s support, either due to a lack of suitable alternatives or because enough people agree with his “strategy.”

“Unfortunately, he’ll be re-elected,” Rob Roy wrote.

“Who else should I vote for?”

“What’s astonishing is that the French people continue to vote for him and elect him President,” Decaston continued.

“Clearly, this type of behavior and self-harm appeals to them.”

Many commentators joked that Mr Macron’s approach to politics suggested he saw himself as the new Napoleon Bonaparte, regardless of his chances of re-election.

“I’m now convinced he thinks he’s Napoleon born again,” Mikeyshmikey wrote.

“However, with the political talent of an amoeba,” the Skipper added.

Mr. Macron should be dubbed “Macroleon Blownapart,” according to Davewells53.

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