Climate protestors have closed the Blackwall Tunnel in London, causing traffic congestion.


Climate protestors have closed the Blackwall Tunnel in London, causing traffic congestion.

ACTIVISTS FOR CLIMATE CHANGE have stopped the Blackwall Tunnel and other London roadways, halting traffic.

Despite the government’s injunction, the activist organization Insulate Britain is demonstrating again for the eleventh day in three weeks. On Monday, the group announced it will close three main roads into London: Hanger Lane, Arnos Grove, and Wandsworth Bridge, as well as the Blackwall Tunnel.

The demonstration, according to the organisation, drew roughly 50 people.

As the protestors cause long delays for those seeking to enter the capital, police officers stand by.

This latest demonstration comes less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened demonstrators with fines or jail time if they block down critical transportation routes.

“This administration will always be on the side of the law-abiding majority, ensuring the strongest possible penalties for criminals who purposefully obstruct key highways,” Mr Johnson added.

“We’ll give the cops the authority they need to stop their rash and selfish actions.”

“Protesting is a precious right, but inflicting havoc and misery on people trying to live their lives is not.”

Activists who obstruct highways might face up to six months in prison under the law.

However, authorities have complained that they do not have enough force to prevent eco-protesters from shutting down several of the country’s major motorways, such as the M25, M1, and M4.

Many people turned to Twitter to criticize the group, and some even went as far as to criticize the police.

“Blocking Blackwall Tunnel on a Monday morning is a new level of deliberate brutality,” tweeted @araharmonic.

“Insulate Britain morons are blocking the Blackwall tunnel this morning,” tweeted @Anthonyainsdale.

“The cops are just standing there observing them.”

“They’re completely ineffective!”

“I hear that @InsulateLove activists have blocked the Blackwall Tunnel this morning, inconveniencing literally thousands of cars,” @Magistratesblog wrote.

“Where are the Nightingale custody suites from @metpoliceuk when you need them?”

@murshhabib, for example, described the sights as “totally wild.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel is expected to announce a crackdown on motorway protests, which would include heavier punishments established by modifying the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

Injunctions have been given to National Highways to prevent individuals from impeding highways.

However, because it is a civil problem rather than a criminal matter, police officers cannot arrest people who disobey court orders.

“Brinkwire Summary News” is expected to be updated with the new laws.


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