Claudia Lawrence’s search: Officers are closing up on a breakthrough as they look into 12-year-old hints.


Claudia Lawrence’s search: Officers are closing up on a breakthrough as they look into 12-year-old hints.

YORKSHIRE Police have drained a fishing lake in an attempt to locate Claudia Lawrence, who has been missing for more than a decade.

Ms Lawrence has been missing for 12 years, having last been seen on March 18, 2009. Specialist officers have began draining a fishing lake in Sand Hutton, North Yorkshire, in their latest bid to locate the missing woman.

After checking a nearby gravel dump, six officers were seen at the lake, eight miles from Ms Lawrence’s house in York.

Machines were employed to clear mud, grass, and boulders from beneath the water’s surface.

As the hunt grew more intense, officers on the ground performed fingertip searches through the green woodland.

Two years ago, the landowners conducted a study of the terrain and surrounds.

The results were just passed on the police, and they are thought to be the catalyst for the latest searches.

The smaller of the two lakes was left empty by the detectives.

Joan Lawrence, 78, told the Mirror that she is concerned about the outcome of the police investigation against her daughter.

“As a mother, hearing about a lake being drained and a fingertip search being conducted out is just a nightmare,” she told the site.

“No parent should have to go through this. Every day, I’m left wondering what’s going on and what might be discovered.

“Would it be her bag, phone, or something else entirely?”

Ms Lawrence described her nightmares as “terrible” and pleaded with anyone with knowledge about her daughter’s abduction to come forward.

“The cops must know something to go to all this work,” she continued.

“They know something and I don’t – the uncertainty is excruciating. I’m at a loss for what to do with my life while Claudia is missing.

“It has an impact on every minute of my day.” I’ve been getting dreadful nightmares once more. Living with a missing child and an ongoing inquiry is a harsh reality.

“I implore anyone with any information to come forward and put a stop to the constant suffering I have to endure.”

Mr Lawrence, Claudia’s father, died in February at the age of 74, after campaigning for Claudia’s Law, which empowers relatives to take control of their missing loved ones’ financial affairs.

Ms Lawrence is believed to have been slain, and North Yorkshire Police are treating the matter as a suspected murder.

“I applaud the public for the encouraging responses and additional information received,” Detective Superintendent Wayne Fox said in a statement.


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